Online information session – in the age of Covid-19…

We had hoped to hold a couple of information sessions this spring, to help prospective parents see what our PK-6 public Montessori school is all about.  Our plan was to have a brief kick off with the principal, then in each of the classrooms have students present and working so new parents  and students could  wander through and watch.

Then came Coronavirus.  And everything changed. 

For our students, the #saferathome orders meant that their work would have to continue at their homes.  For our teachers, it meant reinterpreting teaching strategies that are heavily based teacher observation of students using objects in the classroom.  Our teachers rocked it.  They have been using Zoom and GoogleMeet to hold sessions with students.  They have adapted easily found home objects to suggest Montessori-like manipulatives.  They have been sending and receiving assignments to students via paper packets and digital portals.  Learning has not been interrupted!

But that leaves those information sessions still hanging. So we had the idea that we could put together a video about our school.  This video will be released on Monday on our web page, and on our Facebook page []

Parents and students who are thinking about applying to admission to our Montessori school for fall 2020 can get a glimpse of what we're all about.  And contact our Principal for more information.  Stay tuned!